Latest News:

What a year it was. Cameron and the crew have finished up a great season of shows and are starting to plan Season Four! We just finished an amazing and successful campaign, getting San Francisco's most beautiful, creative, and prolific drag mother, Mercedez Munro, elected to the office of Empress of the Imperial Court

Cameron has also had the honor of being appointed Imperial Crown Princess of San Francisco! This just means a new way of approaching fundraising with a wonderful team of people, as well as a lot more performances, jewelry and fancy dresses. Not a bad gig. For more on this extraordinary journey, click on over to the blog page for the new Princess Diaries.

Happy Hour co-host and BFF Saturn has been back in the studio producing music and we even collaborated on a super sexy music video for his steamy hit, Acid Love. More on that coming soon!

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Check out a few of our favorite collaborations: I'm From Driftwood, the LGBTQ Story Archive, and GNews!, where you can get all your gay in just one day with our friends and neighbors Celso Dulay and Liisa Cohen.

Cameron has also been working on top secret film projects at Ohlone College in Fremont. Stay tuned...